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vichy cartao fidelidade


Devoted to the health, comfort and beauty of the skin, Vichy gives optimal treatment response to make you feel always well beautiful and radiant.
Dry skin, with imperfections, sensitive .... Adults and children ... Regardless its nature, age or lifestyle, Vichy offers the perfect care to achieve optimal skin.
High performance cares and high tolerance, created by health professionals to regenerate, protect, conserve and permanently transform your skin.

  1. Vichy - Déo Antiperspirant 48H Sensitive Skin 50mL
  2. Vichy - Stress Resist Antiperspirant Treatment 72H 50mL
  3. Vichy - Liftactiv Supreme Vitamin C Serum 20mL
  4. Vichy - Dermablend Corrective Foundation 30mL 15 Opal
  5. Vichy - Neovadiol Lip and Eye Countour Cream 15mL
  6. Vichy - Dermablend 3d Correction 30mL 25
  7. Vichy - Homme Roll-On Antiperspirant 72H 50mL
  8. Vichy - Capital Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch 50mL SPF50+
  9. Vichy - Déo Antiperspirant Treatment 48H Intense Perspiration 50mL
  10. Vichy - Mineral 89 Moisture Concentrate 50mL
  11. Vichy - Mineral 89 Daily Fluid 72H 50mL SPF50+
  12. Vichy - Normaderm Phytosolution Oily and Acneic Skin Moisturizer 50mL
  13. Vichy - Déo Antiperspirant 48H No Stains 50mL
  14. Vichy - Dermablend Corrective Foundation 30mL 25 Nude
  15. Vichy - Clinical Control 96H Antiperspirant 50mL
  16. Vichy - Dermablend Corrective Foundation 30mL 45 Gold
  17. Vichy - Dermablend Corrective Foundation 30mL 35 Sand
  18. Vichy - Mineral 89 Moisture Concentrate 75mL
  19. Vichy - Homme Roll-On Antiperpirant 48H Sensitive Skin 50mL
  20. Vichy - Capital Soleil Velvety Cream 50mL SPF50+
  21. Vichy - Liftactiv Collagen Specialist Facial Night 50mL
  22. Vichy - Deodorant Optimal Tolerance Spray 100mL
  23. Vichy - Homme Roll-On Antiperspirant Anti-Stains 48H 50mL
  24. Vichy - Mineral 89 Eye Moisturizing and Fortifying Concentrate 15mL
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