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SWEET MAG: 2 myths, 2 anti-hair loss treatments

SWEET MAG|phyto: 2 myths, 2 anti-hair loss treatments

“Should we wash our hair every day?", “Does brushing our hair cause more hair loss?". Questions like these always arise when the topic is hair loss. get to know the truth about these myths and the most effective phyto answers for this problem!


A care that eliminates white hair without pigment or coloring. Don't believe it? Up to 30% less white hair with Phyto's innovative product.

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A science at the service of Nature with the latest research advances at the service of the hair.
Phyto worked for over 40 years with the best scientists to develop innovative hair cares, scientifically proven with truly exceptional results.
Ingredients of 95% natural and plant origin, placing the herbal power at the hair's service.
The hair is just like us... They suffer with the use of aggressive chemicals and recover with the power of natural products ...
Phyto - Recovers beauty and health to your hair!

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