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An innovative and modern approach to skincare for sophisticated men who enjoy to take care of themselves! Papillon London Cosmetic for men is a brand born in London and designed especially to meet masculine demands. With premium ingredients and thoughtful packaging, this brand will surely win over the most distinct men!

  1. Papillon - Shampoo Antidandruff and Antiseborrhoeic 300mL
  2. Papillon - Fiber Matt Dry Wax Strong and Flexible Hold 75g
  3. Papillon - After Shave Balm with Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera 100mL
  4. Papillon - Serum Beard and Skin 50mL
  5. Papillon - Grove Eau de Parfum 50mL
  6. Papillon - Paste Medium Hold and Low Shine Wax 75g
  7. Papillon - Moore 50mL
  8. Papillon - Antiage Finest Tailored Cream 50mL
  9. Papillon - Styling Wax Strong Hold and Low Shine 75g
  10. Papillon - Upton Eau de Parfum 50mL
  11. Papillon - Papillon Deodorant Roll-On 50mL
  12. Papillon - Body Lotion 200mL
  13. Papillon - Papillon Hand Cream 75mL
  14. Papillon - Face Cream Vitamin C 50mL
  15. Papillon - Bow Woman Purifying Hand Gel 100mL
  16. Papillon - Pure Mint Hair and Body Shampoo Daily Use 100mL
  17. Papillon - Pure Mint Hair and Body Shampoo Daily Use 300mL