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A complete treatment kit with a patented nontoxic solution in a tube with a brush, which distribute a specific dose of the active substance, for acting in depth on the nail, the area where the fungus should be effectively treated. Mycosana Nails is the fast, simple and effective way to end nail´fungus.

  1. Mycosana - Antifungal Brush with 10 Nail Files 5mL
  2. Mycosana - Mycosana Athletes Foot Tube + Brush 15mL
  3. Mycosana - Antifungal Brush 10 mL with 10 Nail Files 1 un.
  4. Mycosana - Mycosana Protect Antifungal Spray 80mL
  5. Mycosana - Mycosana Antifungal Powder for Feet and Footwear 65g