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Introducing Mixa, the beloved French skincare brand known for its gentle yet effective formulas. Born from a legacy of dermatological expertise, Mixa offers a range of products adapted to the needs of sensitive skin. With a focus on soothing and nourishing ingredients, the brand's hypoallergenic formulas provide relief from dryness, irritation and discomfort. From moisturizing lotions to soothing creams, the brand has a solution for all skin types and ages.

  1. Mixa - Urea Cica Repair+ Repairing Balm 400mL
  2. Mixa - Ceramide Protect Body Lotion 400mL
  3. Mixa - Urea Cica Repair+ Body Lotion 250mL
  4. Mixa - Panthenol Comfort Cream 400mL
  5. Mixa - Ceramide Protect Body Lotion 250mL
  6. Mixa - Panthenol Comfort Multipurpose Cream 50mL
  7. Mixa - Ceramide Protect Cream 400mL
  8. Mixa - Panthenol Comfort Body Lotion 250mL