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Labs Théa

Specialized in the research, development, and commercialization of ophthalmic care, Labs Théa reflects a clear objective: constant innovation in ophthalmic products appreciated by physicians and patients. Labs Théa - Look... For your health

  1. Labs Thea - Hyabak 0,15% Hypotonic Solution Hydrating and Lubricant 10mL
  2. Labs Thea - Thealoz Duo Ophatalmic Solution for Moisturising 10mL
  3. Labs Thea - Thealoz Duo Monodosis Gel doses 30 un.
  4. Labs Thea - Blephagel Duo Gel Eyelids and Eyelashes Hygiene (Gel 30 G + 100 Compresses) 1 un.
  5. Labs Thea - Thealoz Ophtalmic Solution Dry Eye 10mL
  6. Labs Thea - Hyabak Caps Nutritional Supplement for Eye Care 60 caps.