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by Cantabria Labs

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Cantabria Labs is an association of companies dedicated to the field of Dermatology.
Under the motto "Celebrate Life" and with more than 25 years of research and development, Cantabria Labs presents intelligent solutions with scientific rigor that effectively meet the needs of health professionals and millions of patients around the world. Because the best of science is the best of life.

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SWEET MAG: Endocare expert drops: science & performance in every drop!

SWEET MAG | Endocare: expert drops

Endocare, the anti-aging brand of the cantabria labs laboratory, presents a new and distinguished range that combines day & night protocols, specific for different skin needs: dark spots, firmness and dehydration.


Highly nourishing, rapidly absorbing cream formulated to promote collagen synthesis, improve firmness and preserve skin elasticity, remodeling the contour of the face.



A line of products designed to combat skin's photoaging, derived from the research on skins burned by irradiation. Formulated with SCA Biorepair Tecnology, based on the secretion of "Cryptomphalus aspersa", a small terrestrial snail.

It's the ideal complementary care of facial rejuvenation dermocosmetic techniques: peeling, laser, microdermabrasion, etc., reducing recovery time, minimizing the post treatment discomfort, with long-lasting results with these techniques.

  1. Endocare - Endocare Radiance C Ferulic Edafence Serum 30mL
  2. Endocare - Gelcream Antiaging Regeneration Treatment 30mL
  3. Endocare - Tensage Firming and Regeneration Cream 50mL
  4. Endocare - Renewal Serum Anti-Wrinkle 30mL
  5. Endocare - Hyaluboost Age Barrier Serum 30mL
  6. Endocare - Tensage Regenerating Firming Ampoules Ampoules 10x2mL
  7. Endocare - Endocare Radiance C20 Proteoglycan Ampoules 30x2mL
  8. Endocare - Renewal Intensive Serum Anti-Wrinkle 30mL
  9. Endocare - Anti-Aging Intensive Regeneration Ampoules 7x1mL
  10. Endocare - Tensage Radiance Eye Contour 15mL
  11. Endocare - Tensage Firming and Regeneration Nourishing Cream 50mL
  12. Endocare - Renewal Comfort Cream Anti-Wrinkle 50mL
  13. Endocare - Radiance Eye Contour Anti-Dark Circles 15mL
  14. Endocare - Endocare Radiance C Proteoglycans Oil-Free Ampoules 30x2mL
  15. Endocare - Cellage Anti-Wrinkles Gel Cream 50mL
  16. Endocare - Eye & Lip Contour Antiaging Regeneration 15mL
  17. Endocare - Renewal Eye Contour 15mL


    Renewal Eye Contour 15mL

    $ 30.19 $ 43.14 

  18. Endocare - Tensage Day Cream SPF30 50 mL + Micellar Water 100 mL 1 un. SPF30
  19. Endocare - Cellage Anti-Wrinkles Eye Contour Cream 15mL
  20. Endocare - Tensage Firming Regeneration Serum 30mL
  21. Endocare - Expert Drops Firming Protocol 2x10mL
  22. Endocare - Cellage Anti-Wrinkles Cream 50mL
  23. Endocare - Regenerating Body Lotion 100mL
  24. Endocare - Hydractive Micellar Solution 400mL
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