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SWEET MAG: Essential Oils


Essential oils have increased in popularity over the last decade. They can be found in a wide variety of products, including cosmetics, laundry detergents, food flavorings, and even insect repellents.


Inspired by the eternal synergy between bees and Greek nature, APIVITA puts its passion and commitment to the environment while offering effective care that improves the health of your skin.


Inspired by the holistic approach to health, beauty and well-being, advocated by Hippocrates; the young pharmacists Nikos and Niki Koutsiana founded APIVITA, in the year 1979. This name derives from the Latin words Apis (bee) and Vita (life), reflecting the dynamism and value created by the brand; without prejudice to the environment. In their formulations, we find not only the most precious ingredients that bees provide us, but also a careful selection of vegan extracts and essential oils.

  1. Apivita - Queen Bee Night Cream for All Skin Types 50mL
  2. Apivita - Beevine Elixir Cream Rich Texture 50mL
  3. Apivita - Beevine Elixir Eye & Lip Cream 15mL
  4. Apivita - Bee Radiant Glow Activating & Anti-Fatigue Serum 30mL
  5. Apivita - Bee Radiant Signs of Aging & Anti-Fatigue Gel-Cream 50mL
  6. Apivita - Bee Radiant Smoothing & Reboot Night Gel-Balm 50mL
  7. Apivita - Nature's Hair Miracle Strengthening 50mL
  8. Apivita - Foam Cleanser for Face and Eyes 300mL
  9. Apivita - Black Detox Cleansing Gel 150 mL + Cleansing Milk 50 mL + Cotton Pad 1 un.
  10. Apivita - My Color Elixir Permanent Hair Color 1 un. 6.35 Mahogany Gold Dark Blond
  11. Apivita - Aquabeelicious Booster Refreshing Hydrating 30mL
  12. Apivita - Mountain Tea Shower Gel 500mL
  13. Apivita - Gentle Daily Shampoo 500mL
  14. Apivita - Intimate Gentle Cleansing Gel for Daily Use 300mL
  15. Apivita - Intimate Gentle Cleansing Gel Extra Protection 300mL
  16. Apivita - My Color Elixir Permanent Hair Color 1 un. 4.0 Brown
  17. Apivita - Bee Radiant Signs of Aging & Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream 15mL
  18. Apivita - Gentle Daily Conditioner for All Hair Types 150mL
  19. Apivita - Men's Tonic Shampoo 500mL
  20. Apivita - Dandruff Relief Oil 50mL
  21. Apivita - Bee Sun Safe Hydra Fresh Gel-Cream 50mL Tinted SPF50
  22. Apivita - Queen Bee Eye Contour Cream 15mL
  23. Apivita - Pure Jasmine Exfoliating Cream 200mL
  24. Apivita - My Color Elixir Permanent Hair Color 1 un. 5.0 Brown Light
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