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Unveiling the beauty of sustainable skincare! Experience the exquisite blend of nature, science, and Italian craftsmanship with 2SQM, the brand that takes sustainable skincare to new heights. Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes of Italy, 2SQM harnesses the power of natural ingredients to create meticulously curated formulations. Each product is designed to nourish, rejuvenate, and protect the skin, unveiling its natural radiance and vitality. Join 2SQM on a transformative journey toward sustainable beauty. Embrace the harmonious union of nature and science, and indulge in skincare that nourishes both your skin and the planet. 

  1. 2SQM - The Ultimate Oil 100mL
  2. 2SQM - Body Oil 100mL

    Body Oil 100mL

    $ 55.68 

  3. 2SQM - Illuminating Face Mask 50mL
  4. 2SQM - Delicate Cleansing Mousse 150mL
  5. 2SQM - Multivitamin Face Cream 50mL
  6. 2SQM - Firming Face Cream 50mL
  7. 2SQM - Serum 15mL

    Serum 15mL

    $ 60.74 

  8. 2SQM - Tonic Lotion 100mL

    Tonic Lotion 100mL

    $ 29.37