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Pain dermatological soap for intolerant skin cleansing - Avène

Discontinued Product.
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High tolerance formula to gently clean the skin.

Cleaned, softened and comfortable skin.

Contains very mild cleaning agents associated with emollients (sweet almond oil, shea butter and Parcerine) to restore hydrolipidic film.

Physiological pH. Soap and fragrance free. No preservatives or parabens.

How to use





Gently spread the foam formed with the pain and water on face and body.

Intolerant skin - Avène

Intolerant skin was developed with a very strict requirement level.

Was made a careful selection of ingredients for their efficacy, purity and tolerance which ensures the safety of hypersensitive and allergic skin while moisturises and softens in depth. No potentially irritating substances.


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The best make-up removers and face cleansers!
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