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Men dermo-k care and prevention of ingrown hairs - Avene

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    Avene Men dermo-k ingrown hairs care 40ml
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Avene - Men dermo-k ingrown hairs care 40ml

Avene - Homme dermo-k




Unique product that associates care and prevention of ingrown hair.

Dermo K is especially suitable for sensitive skin which shaving is difficult and present imperfections associated with ingrown hairs. Facilitates shaving, prevents ingrown hair and promotes their elimination.

Single care in prevention and treatment of ingrown hair!

Kerato reducers active ingredients (urea, glycolic acid, ...) and emollients (beeswax, glycerin, vegetable oils, ...) are responsible for ingrown hairs soften and promote their exit.

Avène thermal water calms and desensitizes the skin.


100% of users claim that shaving is facilitated.

How to use





Dermo K should be applied at night on clean dry skin.

For complementary care use Avène gel or shaving cream followed by Avène after shaving fluid.


Range specially designed for men sensitive skin. Formulated without alcohol, adapts to the skin and individual habits.

The reference to Men sensitive skin.


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Live chat avene
The sweet Inês Carneiro, beauty expert from Avène, answered to some questions from our facebook followers. A live chat that was a huge sucess!

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