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Couvrance Concealer Pen Beige 1,7 mL - Avène

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    Avene Couvrance Concealer Pen Beige 1,7 mL
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Avène - Couvrance Concealer Pen Beige 1,7 mL

Couvrance Pinceaux Correcteur - Avène



Effectively undercover located skin imperfections.

Enables a quick retouch of sensitive skin imperfections (darck circles, brown spots, scars,...). Light face, deeper wrinklesfacial features become younger and flexible

Perfect and uniform skin.

Available in a single color.

UV protection (SPF 15), water and sweat resistant.

How to use





Apply carefully after base with brush tip. Wait a few and blurr with fingertip.

For dark circles apply from angle of the eye to the concave area of the dark circles. In expression wrinkles apply between eyebrows, long of the ridges and in chin area. Can also be applied in brown spots and scars.


Couvrance is correction line specialist by the color, whether it's a slight correction (little redness, dark circles,...) or of a major correction (surgery, birth marks, rosacea, vitiligo, burn,...).

Various shades for a natural and appropriate correction, adequated to every skin tone.


Make-up for sensitive or reactive skin
Make-up for sensitive or reactive skin
Hypoallergenic but elegant suggestions; because the most sensitive skins also deserve make-up!
Make up: sensitive skin
Make up: sensitive skin
For the sensitive skins, choosing the right make up is very, very important.

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