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Cold Cream Cream for Very Dry and Sensitive Skin - Avène

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    Avene Cold Cream Cream for Very Dry Skin 100 mL
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Avène - Cold Cream Cream for Very Dry Skin 100 mL

Cold Cream Crème - Avène

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Specially developed for sensitive dry to very dry skin.

Very moisturizing, smooth and fluid. All properties of the Cold Cream in a fluid and non-greasy formula adapted to body care.

Return to skin flexibility, comfort and softness.

Nourishes, moisturizes and protects skin from external aggressions!

Clinical results prove effectiveness: 100% recognize skin more nourished, smooth and comfortable and 96% validated good tolerance of the product.

Rich in Cold Cream and Vegetable oils which makes this cream highly nutritive, with a creamy texture that delivers immediately a great comfort to the skin.

Cera branca de abelha apresenta elevado poder emoliente e capacidade de formar um filme cutâneo protege a pele das agressões externas.

The Beeswax presents high emollient and film former ability that protects skin from external aggressions.

How to use





After cleaning skin, apply twice a day, gently massaging to promote skin cream penetration.

Cold Cream-Avène

Privileged and particular care for sensitive dry to very dry skin.

Enriched in Cold Cream, recognized for its nutritional properties (bee white wax, liquid paraffin), reconstitutes hydrolipidic film for a nourished and smooth skin.


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