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Cleanance Mask Mask-Scrub for Acne Prone Skin - Avène

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    Avene Cleanance Mask-Scrub 50 mL
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Avène - Cleanance Mask-Scrub 50 mL

Cleanance Mask Masque-Gommage - Avène

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Unified and smoothed skin.

The right solution in anti-acne care.

AHA-BHA complex (which includes glycolic acid, salicylic acid,...) associated with Exfoliating particles, frees pores and promotes skin imperfections correction.

Caolino opacifies and dries skin while Monolaurin regulates sebum hyperproduction, providing a matte effect.

Skin noticeably purified, matte and smooth.

How to use





Apply on face and leave for approximately 5 minutes. Then moisten your hands and rub gently in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

The product could be used 1 to 2 times per week.


Sebum hipersecretion, excessive keratinazation and frequent bacterial colonization are the source of oily skin, black spots and bubbles, highly frequent in puberty.

Cleanance presents a complete line of dermocosmetic products that take care since oily skin to irritations and cutaneous dryness, consequential to dermatologic tratments. Significant reduction of sebum excess, oiliness rate, bubbles and black spots number is notorius.

Skin stays smooth, not oily, clean, fresh and purified.


Cleanance, the Acne Answer By Avène!
Cleanance, the Acne Answer By Avène!
A fresh and complete approach to Acne Control! Meet the recommended dermatologist regimen to be used in conjunction with acne medications and treatments. Cleanance Daily Regimen, the solution!

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