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Cleanance High Protection SPF50 + for Oily and Acne Prone Skin - Avène

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    Avene Cleanance High Protection SPF50 50 mL
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Avène - Cleanance High Protection SPF50 50 mL

Haute Protection Cleanance Solaire SPF50 + - Avène

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Very high sun protection of acne-prone skin.

Effectiveness, protection, tolerance and safety in sun exposure of sensitive skin.

Features an active photo-protective complex which together with powerful antioxidant protects skin from the harmful effects of the Sun. 1st patented TriAbsorB ultra-wide spectrum sunscreen (UVA-UVB- BLUE LIGHT)

Monolaurin mattifyes the skin thanks to its seborregulator action.

Minimize marine impact - Skin protect ocean respect!

Soft and smooth texture. Dry touch, without white effect.

Photostable, water-resistant, parabens free.

How to use





Before any sun exposure apply the product uniformly in the face. Renew application in case of long sun exposure and after each shower.


A Sunscreen for Every Skin Type!
A Sunscreen for Every Skin Type!
Whatever your skin type, there is an appropriate sunscreen to your needs and preferences!
Cleanance, the Acne Answer By Avène!
Cleanance, the Acne Answer By Avène!
A fresh and complete approach to Acne Control! Meet the recommended dermatologist regimen to be used in conjunction with acne medications and treatments. Cleanance Daily Regimen, the solution!

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