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Relaxing foot bath salts - Akileine

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    Akileine Relaxing foot bath salts 300g
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Akileine - Relaxing foot bath salts 300g

Akileine - Relaxing foot bath salts tired feet




Akileine Relaxing tired feet bath salts is indicated for hygiene and decongestion of tired and swollen feet!

Feel alive, relaxed, rested!

Allows a relaxing hygiene and cleansing of tired feet and swollen that make more light and comfortable!

Marine bath salts for tired feet and swollen, eliminates the bad odor!
Action detoxifying and cleansing, restores the natural pH of the skin.
Prevents the formation of fungal infections by action of marine collagen. Anti-sética and purifying action.

The feet are deeply cleaned, fresh and light!

How to Use






Apply 2 tablespoons in 5 liters of water and soak your feet for 15 minutes.
Dry thoroughly.


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