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    Actixicam Atixicam cream for actinic keratosis treatment 30ml
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Actixicam - Atixicam cream for actinic keratosis treatment 30ml

Actixicam - Atixicam creme




Actinic Keratosis due primarily to sun exposure, which is not always easy to avoid in everyday life, and so relapses tend do occur over the course of time.

For the effective treatment of actinic keratosis

Actixicam is specifically indicated for the prevention and treatment of actinic keratosis.

This product recovers and provides moisture and protection to the cutaneous barrier, thereby reducing the severity of these changes on the skin.

It's effectiveness is due to the following ingredients:

  • Sunscreen filters (SPF 50 +), that prevent the damage caused by radiation;
  • Piroxicam, an anti-inflammatory, which is involved in a polyvinyl alcohol matrix of that allows it's extended release, and therefore a gradual action

How to Use






Follow your doctor' indication.

In most situations, the product should be applied on cleanse and dry skin, with a small layer on affected area.

Apply twice a day massaging until it's completely absorbed.

The product be applyed on adjacent areas to the injury without causing any damage.

Repeat the treatment for at least 14 weeks.


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