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Exomega control emollient bath for atopic skins - A Derma

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    A Derma Exomega control emollient bath atopic skins 250ml
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A Derma - Exomega control emollient bath atopic skins 250ml

Exomega control bain apaisant - A Derma

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A Derma


Exomega Control Emollient Bath is a soothing and emollient, body of atopic and dry.

Perfect to soothe the skin in crises of atopic dermatitis, itching, hives, chicken pox.

... a relief, comfort and well-being.

Its properties soothe the skin, insulating and protecting the skin likely to piss off when in contact with water, moisturizing the upper layers of the skin.

A formula consisting of:

  • Rhealba Oat extract
  • Glycerin
  • Non-Occlusive silicone

How to use

A Derma




Children's Bath - dilute 2 caps;
Adult's bath - dilute 4 caps;

Prolong the bath for a few minutes.

Do not rinse.

Dry without rubbing.

Non-cleansing, non-foaming..

Exomega Control

To mitigate and prevent episodes of atopic dermatitis, we must keep the skin in the most healthy state possible, moisturized and nourished.

Atopic skins have a lack of essential fatty acids (ACTS), essential to the structure of the skin hydrolipidic layer that, among other functions serves as a defence barrier.

Exomega compensates the skin with Omega 6 (essential fatty acid) and vitamins B, giving it softness and defense.


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